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Value Wales & National Procurement Service - Improving Public Services in Wales

Value Wales

Value Wales is the division of the Welsh Government that is responsible for driving best practice in procurement across public services in Wales. The Wales Procurement Policy Statement sets out the principles through which public procurement should be delivered across Wales. The role of Value Wales includes:

•        Determining public procurement policy and leading implementation of the Wales Procurement Policy Statement, for example by driving the delivery of Community Benefits.

•        Promoting and leading on delivery of electronic procurement services.

•        Creating and supporting conditions for collaborative working.

•        Improving professional skills and capacity across the procurement community in Wales through professional development.

•        Making it easier for businesses to work with the Welsh public sector.

 There are several commitments for Value Wales in the Programme for Government 2011 - 2016, these include:

•        Ensuring widespread adoption of community benefits to maximise the value delivered through procurement expenditure

•        Implement recommendations from the Barriers to Procurement Opportunities report to ensure public procurement processes are straightforward and contract opportunities are open to all

•        Assisting contracting authorities across the Welsh public sector to achieve efficiency savings through joint procurement systems and collaboration

National Procurement Service (NPS)

The NPS was launched by the Minister for Finance and Government Business and the Local Government Minister in November 2013. NPS is a pan public sector organisation hosted by the Welsh Government. Sue Moffatt is Director of NPS and their objectives include:

•        Delivery of ‘’All-Wales’ contracts and frameworks for categories of common and repetitive spend (CaRS)

•        Using best procurement practice and category management expertise to deliver annual savings of £25million once fully operational through collaboration and consistency with a “Buy Once for Wales” principle.

•        Demonstrably support the Wales Procurement Policy Statement.

It is the intention for NPS to be completely self funding by March 2016. Value Wales and NPS have a close-working and complementary relationship and maintain a continuous dialogue on policy and operational matters.


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