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Market Analysis

In planning a procurement, it is important to establish what the current supply market looks like and how it works.

By analysing the market, a clear understanding can be developed of:

  • the current market place
  • the forces that drive and that can change the market
  • likely changes and developments
  • key suppliers and their respective capabilities
  • the impact and influence that your organisation can have on the market

There may potentially be a limited response to your requirement because of it's nature or the state of the market. If you think this may be the case, you should stimulate the market place. The action you need to take can include reviewing your requirement and making it commercially viable, or developing a procurement strategy which will attract suppliers.

The procurement may be relatively straightforward for a readily available commodity. Otherwise, you may need to carry out some pre-procurement research and confirm its likely interest and an indication of probable cost.  The Economy, Science & Transport (ETS)  department within Welsh Government can provide assistance in establishing the supply capability of businesses in Wales.

Please click here to find information on the Business Wales - Tendering Service or call 03000 6 03000.

Please click here to access the Business Wales - Business Directory.


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