Driving best-practice procurement in Wales

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ACTION: Carry out pre-procurement research with stakeholders and suppliers to help inform requirements. Utilise the services of Business Wales to help understand the supply base in Wales.

Key outcomes

  • A well-written tender, based on good market knowledge, reflecting Welsh Government policies and best practice to ensure small indigenous suppliers are not precluded.

Effective planning is critical to the outcome of any procurement exercise - if insufficient effort is invested at this stage of the process, then the procurement is unlikely to deliver a wholly satisfactory outcome.

In this section of the PRP, you can access guidance which will take you through a structured approach to planning the procurement.

If you are thinking of letting or using a framework agreement, Value Wales has produced Framework Agreement Guidance which you are encouraged to follow.

If you require support and guidance relating to the interpretation and application of procurement legislation and policy, please refer to the protocol for provision of policy guidance and support.

If you wish to start electronic tendering, the following site will provide information about the FREE eSourcing tools currently available to the Welsh public sector https://etenderwales.bravosolution.co.uk/learn/

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Use the SQuID approach and encourage innovation through outcome based specifications. Utilise the services of Business Wales to help with understanding the market and supply base in Wales.

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