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Open Procedure

Under the open procedure any interested bidder may submit a tender in response to a contract notice.

The minimum time limit for the receipt of tenders is 35 days from the date on which the contract notice is sent however this can be reduced if a PIN is used and if tenders are submitted electronically - see Regulation 27 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 for full details of the tender return timescales.

Here is some further information on the Open Procedure you might find useful which includes the advantages/disadvantages.

If you intend establishing a Framework Agreement via the Open Procedure, c lick the attachments below to download the Value Wales Procurement Advice Note on Framework Agreements and the OGC guidance on Frameworks.

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Advertise all contracts over £25k on Sell2Wales to make them more accessible to smaller firms….and utilise e-tendering tools to standardise the process.

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