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Innovation Partnerships

Innovation Partnerships is a new procedure under the PCR 2015 and  is intended to allow scope for more innovative ideas. The supplier enters into a partnership with the authority to develop a new product or service.


In innovation partnerships, any supplier can submit a request to participate in response to a contract notice by providing the information for qualitative selection that is requested by the contracting authority.


In the procurement documents, the contracting authority shall:-


(a) identify the need for an innovative product, service or works that cannot be met by purchasing products, services or works already available on the market, and

(b) indicate which elements of this description define the minimum requirements to be met by all tenders.


The information provided needs to be sufficiently precise to enable suppliers to identify the nature and scope of the required solution and decide whether to request to participate in the procedure.


The minimum time limit for receipt of requests to participate shall be 30 days from the date on which the contract notice is sent. Only those economic operators invited by the contracting authority following the assessment of the information provided may participate in the procedure.


Contracting authorities may limit the number of suitable candidates to be invited to participate in the procedure (in accordance with Regulation 65 of PCR 2015).


For full details please refer to Regulation 31 of the PCR 2015.


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