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Procurement above OJEU Threshold

The European Union (EU) Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 that implement them in the UK, set out the law on public procurement. Their purpose is to open up the public procurement market and to ensure the free movement of goods and services within the EU. They set out procedures which must be followed before awarding a contract when its value exceeds set thresholds unless it qualifies for a specific exemption.

Whether a procurement is above or below OJEU, if a supplier requests clarification on any aspect of the tender, your response should be sent to all suppliers within a resonable time to ensure they are all treated equally.

As a buyer, it is a legal requirement to advertise your tender opportunities, please go to the new Sell2Wales website to add notices (only available to registered users).

If you are a supplier and you wish to view public sector tender opportunities, please click here.


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Advertise all contracts over £25k on Sell2Wales to make them more accessible to smaller firms….and utilise e-tendering tools to standardise the process.

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