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ACTION: Utilise the eProcurement Service programme sourcing services and tools.

Key outcomes

  • Efficient and simplified procurement process with smaller Welsh suppliers in the mix.

Depending on the value and complexity of your requirement, there are a number of different routes available which may be utilised to request proposals from suppliers.

This section of the PRP will provide you with the necessary guidance and documentation relating to the various financial thresholds which apply for competitive procurement requirements.

If you require support and guidance relating to the interpretation and application of procurement legislation and policy, please refer to the protocol for provision of policy guidance and support.

The eProcurement service programme now offer as part of integrated eTendering the eVendor Management solution. This tool enables suppliers to answer questions at PQQ/ITT level which are backfilled into their supplier profiles for use on future opportunities the solution endeavours to address some of the issues raised in the Barriers to Procurement report. To read more about the benefits to suppliers and buyers visit eVendor.



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Advertise all contracts over £25k on Sell2Wales to make them more accessible to smaller firms….and utilise e-tendering tools to standardise the process.

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