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EU Procurement Timelimits

There are mandatory minimum time limits for each of the procedures which may be used under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Time limits have been reduced by around a third under the new Regulations to help speed up procurement however please bear in mind they are only minimum and depending on what you are buying and the complexity of the tender, bidders will need sufficient time to prepare and submit their bid.

The time limits which apply vary, depending on the extent to which you conduct the procurement using electronic means and if a PIN (Prior Indicative Notice) is used. In Wales, the medium used for transmission of Contract Notices to OJEU is sell2wales.gov.uk.  Please click the following link for sell2wales registrations.

Please click here to view the sell2wales user guides.



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You can comply with the necessary legislation and still ensure the best outcomes for Wales by savvy specification-writing.

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