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3Legislative Framework

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ACTION: Familiarise yourself with UK and EU procurement legislation to ensure your procurement is compliant.

Legislative Framework

Key outcomes

  • Procurement that is compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 but still reflects Welsh considerations.

Public procurement is influenced by legislation that has been enacted in both Europe and the UK. In this section of the PRP you can access guidance to (and copies of) the relevant legislation with which procurement must comply.

In line with the other devolved administrations, an agreement has been established with the UK Government whereby the Procurement Policy programme of Value Wales is responsible for the provision of procurement policy guidance and advice to Welsh public sector organisations.

If you require support and guidance relating to the interpretation and application of procurement legislation and policy, please refer to the protocol for provision of policy guidance and support.


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You can comply with the necessary legislation and still ensure the best outcomes for Wales by savvy specification-writing.

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