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Reporting & Documentation Requirements

Regulation 84(1) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 requires that for every contract or framework agreement covered by the Regulations and every time a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) is established, contracting authorities shall draw up a written report to include certain information about the procurement process and outcome.

Value Wales has produced the template below for authorities to use to satisfy this requirement. If authorities have their own form for this purpose then they are free to continue to using that if they wish.  If the required information is already contained in the contract award notice (drawn up in accordance with Regulation 50 or 75[3]) contracting authorities  may refer to that.

Contracting authorities are advised to keep a copy of this report on file with the procurement documents.

Should the EU Commission or Crown Commercial Services (CCS) request it, a contracting authority shall send a copy of this report - or its main elements - to them or to other such body as CCS may direct in connection with any functions which that body exercises for the purposes of Article 83 of the Public Contracts Directive.


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