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Contract Standstill Period

Following evaluation of all proposals and prior to completing the contract award, you must notify and debrief all suppliers of your intention to award the contract.

The new Remedies Directive came into effect in the UK in December 2009, which brings changes to the rules on standstill and enforcement. The reasons for the award decision must now be released at the start of the standstill rather than upon request.  The standstill notice only needs to be sent to tenderers and candidates concerned.  If using an electronic notification the standstill period is 10 days, for slower methods of communication i.e. paper then the standstill period is 15 days.

This debrief must be undertaken so as to incorporate the mandatory 10 day standstill period (also referred to as the Alcatel standstill period).

More information can be found on the Remedies Directive page of the Legislative Framework section of this PRP.

For guidance on the format and content of an Award Decision Notice please seek legal advice from your own advisors.


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Unsuccessful suppliers find debriefings really helpful so always offer one as it can help them improve for next time.

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