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Contract Implementation

Where appropriate, following confirmation of contract award, the responsibility for implementation of the contract will be passed from the Project Management Structure to the Contract Management Group.

The Contract Management Group (whose membership may have been derived from the Project Management Structure) will be responsible for monitoring progress against the implementation plan so as to be alert for early signs of slippage/divergance from the agreed approach.

The xchangewales programme offers free use of the eContract management tools which are integrated with the eTendertools.  An opportunity to convert your ITT into the eContract Management Module for the purposes of managing KPIs and price reviews, the tool is capable of historically recording all price changes on individual lines, a powerful tool for contract managers. 

To read more about the tool visit 'All about eSourcing'.


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Unsuccessful suppliers find debriefings really helpful so always offer one as it can help them improve for next time.

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