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Contract Award Notice

A Contract Award Notice must be sent to OJEU for all contracts that are subject to the provisions of the Public Procurement Directives, as well as those contracts for the provision of Part B services where the value exceeds the OJEU threshold (see Page 74 of the Public Contracts Regulations for a list of Part B services).

The Contract Award Notice must not be issued for contracts that are subject to the provisions of the EU procurement regulations until after the mandatory 10 day standstill period has passed without challenge.

The Contract Award Notice shall be sent to OJEU no later than 48 days after the award or conclusion of the contract and should be published via www.sell2wales.gov.uk . Guidance on publishing a Contract Award Notice on www.sell2wales.gov.uk is available below.

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Unsuccessful suppliers find debriefings really helpful so always offer one as it can help them improve for next time.

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