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Contract Award Documentation

Following successful conclusion of the 10 day mandatory standstill period, you should complete the award process by issuing the appropriate contract agreements.  A good contract should set out the obligations of the parties in a way that is:

  • clear
  • complete
  • concise
  • unambiguous

The contract also forms the foundation for a productive relationship built on communication and trust.

The foundations for contract management are laid in the stages before contract award, including the procurement process.

These formal contract aspects form the framework around which a good relationship can grow. If the contract was poorly constructed, it will be much more difficult to make the relationship a success.

Once the tender has been awarded you will need to place your contract award notice.  The easiest way to do this is to go into your original contract notice and click on produce contract award notice.


Don't forget...

Unsuccessful suppliers find debriefings really helpful so always offer one as it can help them improve for next time.

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