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Below OJEU Threshold

Although food procurement falling below the OJEU thresholds is not subject to the full weight of the EU procurement rules, the principles of fairness, non-discrimination, transparency and proportionality still need to be followed and the importance of food quality and safety is still paramount.  There are key issues which need consideration for below OJEU food contracts.

Given the health and safety risks, when letting food contracts especially high risk foods, it is vital that before awarding contract award, effective supplier appraisal / supplier visits and due diligence is undertaken by procurement staff and assistance on this can be sought from your authority's Environmental Health Officers. The Food Standards Agency can also help with any queries / concerns you may have. Simplifying and standardising the supplier appraisal process will make it easier for smaller suppliers to work with the public sector.

For below OJEU procurements your contracting authority’s procurement procedures and standing orders should be followed. A link to more information in the General PRP, which is currently under re-development, will be provided in due course once it is back online.


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Sustainable food procurement can have positive effects on the environment, economy and society.

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