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Nutritional Standards

The National Assembly for Wales passed a Healthy Eating in Schools Measire in 2009, to promote healthy eating and drinking in maintained schools across Wales.

They also carried out a review of the nutritional guidelines for school meals in Wales in 2007. The resulting 'Appetite for Life' Action Plan sets out the strategic direction and actions required to improve the nutritional standards of food and drink provided in schools in Wales.  Its development has been informed by responses to the consultation exercise (which includes children and young people’s views); lessons learnt from other parts of the UK and detailed discussions with the Local Authority Caterers Association

In February 2003 the National Assembly for Wales launched "Food and Well Being", the national nutrition strategy, endorsing the link between diet and health and giving an action plan for Wales. Developed by the Food Standards Agency Wales in partnership with the Welsh Assembly Government and other key stakeholders, "Food and Well Being" outlines the actions required by key players to improve the overall diet of people in Wales. It prioritises those groups who are particularly likely to suffer diet and health inequality. The main priority groups are low income and vulnerable consumers – including the elderly and ethnic minority groups – as well as infants, children and young people, middle-aged men and women of childbearing age. There are nine recommendations and associated actions. 

The National Assembly for Wales also provides free school milk for primary schools and in 2004 piloted free school breakfasts in some "Community First" areas. However individual organisations need to develop their own policies from the various advice taking account of local and structural differences. 


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Sustainable food procurement can have positive effects on the environment, economy and society.

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