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6Sustainable Food Buying

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Contract Compliance

An important consideration in buying safe food whilst supporting a sustainable development agenda is the ability to ensure that suppliers comply with the requirements. If effective contract compliance and performance monitoring of each significant aspect is not in place, the benefits cannot be guaranteed, and compliance may reduce over time which can have fatal consequences.

It is recommended organisations review each aspect to ensure that is can be measured and monitored. The process used for supplier appraisal and due diligence can form part of on-going monitoring. We recommend setting up formal review processes and performance targets within the contract conditions. Alternatively, measures and targets ie KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be agreed in the very early stages of the contract and responsibilities for gathering data agreed. It is important that data is gathered on an on-going basis to track trends in performance and provide evidence.


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Sustainable food procurement can have positive effects on the environment, economy and society.

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