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6Sustainable Food Buying

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Supplier Relationship Development

Developing a relationship with - and education of - the supply base is an importance activity and links with the procurement strategy. Contracting organisations are encouraged to ensure that their economic development officers and the DE & T (Department of Economy and Transport) at WAG are fully aware of their needs and can use information in supplier education activities.

Supplier de-briefing after appraisal and after tender evaluation is a means of ensuring that suppliers are aware of any shortfalls and can address these effectively for the future.

Regular communication channels should be built with potential and current suppliers along with making information on requirements widely available. This information should include the contracting organisation’s sustainable development policy, contract timetables, forecast demand and any significant changes (such as greater movement to ready meals, or organic or fresh produce) supplier approval processes, and electronic trading preferences. Training can also be given in how to tender effectively.

For existing suppliers, opportunities present themselves in contract performance monitoring. In additional to contract performance, reviews can also cover supplier development, and sharing of market intelligence, and can identify joint action plans to improve working relationships and achieve a stronger link between the supplier’s activities and the organisation’s own policies. This joint longer-term planning is essential in achieving sustainable development and is in line with Local Authority requirements to consult with stakeholders (which would include key suppliers) in service reviews.



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Sustainable food procurement can have positive effects on the environment, economy and society.

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