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Public Sector Food Survey 2007

Results of the latest Public Sector Food Survey  2016  will be available shortly. 

Tracking studies have been undertaken by the Food, Fisheries & Market Development Division (FFMDD) to assess the levels of take up of Welsh food and drink by the public sector in Wales over the last five years.

The latest public sector food survey in 2007 indicated that there is still significant scope for increasing the supply of Welsh food and drink to the public sector as it is estimated that of a £66 million spend, the industry could potentially supply around £30 million worth spend of produce.


Currently supply from the Welsh food and drink sector amounts to less than £15 million. Bread, milk and meat are the main items purchased by the Welsh public sector, with increasing amounts of local, bottled water being bought. However, supplies of Welsh milk purchased by local authorities and the higher education sectors are declining.

This has been primarily due to purchasing consortia contracting with companies outside Wales because Welsh based firms have been unable to meet changing demands. However, Value Wales is working with the Welsh dairy companies in order assist them in meeting new contract requirements.

The amount of lamb and beef from Wales sourced by the Welsh public sector is 68%. Therefore, are opportunities to increase supplies together with those of horticultural 31% and dairy products; milk at 66% and added value dairy products at 29%. Apart from increasing the supply of these areas, there are further opportunities in relation to ready meals and soft drinks.

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Developing local supply chains opens up opportunities for small Welsh producers.

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