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5Food Safety in the Public Sector

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Food Safety in the Public Sector

When dealing with the preparation and supply of food, it is imperative that tight contract management is undertaken and robust food safety procedures are in place for complaints management, escalation and crisis management. This ensures a consistent and documented approach to dealing with food problems and suppliers.  In addition, it is recommended that:

  • all appropriate staff are aware of these procedures and follow them religiously
  • there are clear roles and responsibilities amongst staff especially for collaborative food contracts
  • effective communication channels are in place - both inside and outside your organisation
  • an 'information-sharing' culture is fostered  so that any serious food problems are not suffered in isolation but shared with other organisations
  • there should be a close working relationship with EHOs and trading standards officers and they should be alerted immediately in the event of a food safety incident.  

This section will outline the recommended food safety procedures in more detail.


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