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7Food Safety Procedures

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Crisis Management

However much effort is put into vital prevention, all food businesses and organisations supplying food to the public still need to plan thoroughly for the unthinkable.

It is vital that effective Crisis Management Procedures are in place, to be followed in the event of a food poisoning outbreak within your authority / organisation or in connection with your service. These should be clear and concise, detailing exactly what needs to be done, by whom and at what point in order to minimise risk to public safety.  An Outbreak Action Group is also recommended consisting of key personnel who will have dedicated actions to perform.

This section looks as key areas to be considered for inclusion in your procedures, provides suggested Crisis Management procedures which you can utilise if needed along with suggestions for what to do if a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice (HEPN) is served on one of your suppliers.


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It is vital that robust food safety procedures are in place for complaints management, escalation and crisis management.

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