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7Food Safety Procedures

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help an organisation measure the performance of a contract to ensure quality levels are maintained, original requirements from the tender specifiation are met and progress tracked.

KPIs are quantifiable measurements, often made clear to suppliers in the tender specification, that reflect the critical success factors of your organisation ie you should include the criteria that are of importance to you and that which you want to measure. 

KPIs form part of the Management Information (MI) - along with the spend information - and should be submitted on a regular basis.  Like the spend information, you can specify in the tender, that you want KPI information completed and submitted on a monthly basis.

You may already have a KPI spreadsheet template to issue to suppliers but if not, click the attachment for a KPI template which contains suggested performance indicators - these can be added to or adapted to suit your needs.

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It is vital that robust food safety procedures are in place for complaints management, escalation and crisis management.

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