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7Food Safety Procedures

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Customer Relationship Management

Regular dialogue with customers and end-users of the contracts your are letting ie stakeholders is key to ensuring the contract meets everyone's requirements and quality of service maintained. 

Customers should have a nominated point of contact within your organisation and there should be clear lines of communication with them encouraged to provide feedback on suppliers and products. An annual survey could also be conducted to capture views and issues on food contracts / suppliers.

Key customers could also be invited to attend the regular Supplier Review meetings you hold to provide feedback and raise any issues that may need resolving.

The method of engagement with customers varies but could include:

•  Regular customer review meetings
•  E-mail communication
•  Telephone calls
•  Regular bulletins / newsletters
•  Website
•  Surveys


Don't forget...

It is vital that robust food safety procedures are in place for complaints management, escalation and crisis management.

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