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7Food Safety Procedures

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Contract Management

Once a tender exercise has been carried out and the contract awarded, it is vital that effective contract management is carried out to ensure the contract runs as it is intended, quality and performance are maintained, regular supplier review meetings are held and spend/usage data is captured.

Contract Management can be defined as:

•  Ensuring that the best contractual agreement for your organisation is established and performed, enabling both parties to fully meet or exceed their obligations by providing:
•  The right quality
•  On time
•  Within budget/price
•  Fully compliant with all of your health/safety and environmental needs.

The key considerations to take into account for contract management are looked at in the next sub-section - followed by the main elements of KPIs, spend data, supplier management and customer relationship development.

If a food contract is managed well, the liklilhood of a food safety incident arising is minimised.  However, this could happen and the importance of having robust Complaints Management Procedures in place if it does, is looked at in the next section.



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It is vital that robust food safety procedures are in place for complaints management, escalation and crisis management.

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