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3Food Hygiene & Safety

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Food Hygiene & Safety Checklist

It is up to each individual organisation and food business to ensure procedures and processes are in place which ensure that the premises you work in, the staff producing food, the equipment you use and the food you sell, are safe and hygienic.

It is likely you already have a checklist covering all the key areas as part of your Quality Manual but as a guide, a Kitchen Hygiene and Safety Checklist has been put together by Value Wales in conjunction with EHOs, FSA and Trading Standards to assist you in meeting these requirements. 

By adhering to all the points in this, your HACCP procedures will be much easier to control.

Should you need further advice, your local EHO should be able to assist you.

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It is law for food suppliers to have a written food safety management system in place based on HACCP principles AND for traceability to be established at all stages of the food chain.

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