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3Food Hygiene & Safety

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Food Standards & Hygiene Audits

There are numerous food safety standards in existence and choosing which one you should opt for with your food suppliers can be daunting.  For ease and simplicity, there is a new Public Sector Code and Technical Standard which organisations can opt for - more information on this and the other standards are included in this section.

Some of these standards are what is called 'UKAS accredited' (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and some are not. 

Likewise, the whole food hygiene audit process and the certification bodies which carry them out can also seem confusing. 

This section will explain these areas in more depth and provide further information.


Don't forget...

It is law for food suppliers to have a written food safety management system in place based on HACCP principles AND for traceability to be established at all stages of the food chain.

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