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3Food Hygiene & Safety

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ACTION: Food safety is a fundamental requirement in food contracts. Make it a contract of supply that all food suppliers successfully undergo Food Hygiene Audits.

Key outcomes

  • Safe food is supplied through compliance with the relevant procurement and food legislation.

Food Hygiene & Safety in the Public Sector

All organisations and businesses which serve food and/or drinks to members of the public are governed by laws and regulations which have been put in place to ensure food safety. All employees have a legal duty to ensure they comply with their organisation's food safety policy and associated procedures.

It is the responsibility of each organisation across Wales to ensure that it has appropriate arrangements in place to meet food hygiene and safety requirements.  HACCP Plans must be in place which are a fundamental part of the day-to-day running of the business, along with Kitchen and Food Hygiene Procedures.  It is also recommended that organisations ensure their food suppliers undergo unannounced, independent third party food hygiene audits for high risk foods. This was the only procurement recommendation to come from Professor Pennington's report into the e-coli outbreak of 2005.

This section examines each of these areas in more detail.


Don't forget...

It is law for food suppliers to have a written food safety management system in place based on HACCP principles AND for traceability to be established at all stages of the food chain.

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