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Welsh Government

The Welsh Government (the Assembly) is the devolved government for Wales and was established by way of the Government of Wales Act 1998.

In a boost to devolution, the Welsh Government has been given greater powers under the legislation of the Government of Wales Act 2006. The Act provides Welsh Ministers with new powers to address Welsh issues in new ways.

The Bill contains provision to reform the assembly to a parliamentary-type structure, establishing the Assembly Government as an entity separate from, but accountable to the National Assembly for Wales. The role of the National Assembly for Wales is to scrutinise and monitor the Welsh Government.

Led by the First Minister, the National Assembly is responsible for many issues, including health, education, economic development, culture, the environment and transport.

The next Programme for Government is currently in development and will translate the Welsh Labour Government's Manifesto 2016 into a clear plan.


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Include the Wales Food Charter 'Buying Safe Food for the Public Plate: A New Approach to Food Procurement for Wales' in your food tenders and request suppliers adopt its principles.

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